Sarah's note: As I continue pursuing the art of portraiture, 
some beautiful, amazing local women will be featured here.
The best part, for me, is getting to know these women a little more. 
Simply fascinating.

I am a:
wife, mom, photographer, volunteer, online shopaholic, and a sticker addict.

Something that makes me happy:
I love when my family and I have NOTHING to do.
A day just spent hanging out together is my happy place.
Someone in my life who has helped me along the way:
My husband is my ROCK. I have had a lot of ups and downs in my life, and since I was 18 he has helped me through it all. He's my biggest fan, encourager, and can make me laugh when I am down. He's always willing to listen as I bounce ideas off him and has been so supportive as I've chased this little dream of mine.
Advice I'd give to a young person:
Love each other.
Spend your time building yourselves up and not tearing each there down. And stop worrying about other people's opinions of you. Just be yourself and be true to yourself.
Favorite quote:
"The problem is, you think you have time." Buddha

Sara Bonacci is the owner and photographer of Sara Bonacci photography in Ithaca

Check out Sara's website:

She is a beautiful woman, inside and out.

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