Upcoming Shoots

I'll be doing more non-client shooting soon--such as portfolio-building, practice shooting (trying out various lighting techniques), and book cover shoots. I'm always learning new ways to shoot, and am currently taking courses on book cover design--it's not as simple as it looks!

I've learned SO MUCH, and now I finally--FINALLY!--have a little shooting space of my own. I absolutely need to do more shooting, so if you are interested in modeling for me (little or no experience is fine), let me know. I am especially looking for those who have been involved in theatre--school plays, local theatre, etc.,---you all can follow direction well and don't tire of posing very easily. Also must be okay with dogs (we have 2 labs).

Note: This will almost always be in exchange for digital images---what is known as TFP (Trade For Photos). The only exception would be if I am commissioned by a company for a commercial shoot, in which case I will be looking for specific and experienced models, and my client will pay for the model's time, and no digital images will be given to the model. 
But in most instances, these are not commissioned shoots, and you will receive at minimum 5 digital images from the shoot, delivered to you within 2 weeks. I'm also more than happy to provide you with an additional headshot image for your own personal/professional use. 

I'm ready to shoot some amazing photos... once we're done self-distancing, of course...
Photo of my new little shooting space.
And 1 of the 2 dogs that will be hanging around.

Fall Family

When I say I love seeing the families grow through the years...I really mean it. And I know the kids are getting older, doing more things, speaking less "little" and more "big".....but it always surprises and amazes me when I see them!
I love this beautiful family...and this little just guy keeps getting cooler. He can't even help it. :) 
A few from our session....gotta love autumn in Michigan!

Senior Session - Katy

Katy is another actress whose talent I've had the pleasure of seeing onstage. This girl has wonderful enthusiasm and it's evident that she puts her all into anything once she sets her mind to it.
A few of my favorites from our session...

Senior Session - Ashleigh

I knew her name sounded familiar---it seems I've seen her act in a few plays over at Gladwin High School. Not only is she adorable as all get out, but also very talented! 
Ashleigh brought along a few pups...who were awfully photogenic themselves....

Senior Session- Hayden

They say that cameras love gingers....and they are absolutely 100% correct.
After trying to decide where to shoot, we ended up in my backyard as well as my little office studio.
Hayden was seriously amazing to photograph--not only is he great-looking, but he picked up on the posing directions so quickly that he knew exactly what to do halfway through the shoot, before I even asked.
Here are just a few of my favorites: