Spotlight: Harper

Model: Harper Foco, Student/Model

A little about Harper:
I have been modeling for over 5 years. I am published in several magazines as well as cover model features. In my free time, I like basketball, gold, horseback-riding, and swimming.

Three Words to Describe Harper:
1. Fun
2. Loving
3. Friendly

Favorite quote or phrase:
"An honored heart is a grateful heart."

Someone who has had an impact on your life:
My Nana and Papa. They are always supporting and loving.

The first image below is from the first time I met Harper a few years ago. 
I was doing a photography challenge with Melissa Prout (of Prout Portrait Studio). We had to create a look using garbage bags. I wanted to do a Degas-inspired ballet dress, and Harper was my model. 
She was absolutely fabulous.
And it was quite apparent that she has great modeling skill and experience. 
Her technique is pretty amazing--which I did not expect in someone so young.  

So I was pretty happy to have her in front of the camera again for a variety of images that I was submitting to the book cover agency. Here are a few of my favorites...

Senior Shout-Out: Derek

As the school year is wrapping up, I want to say a huge congratulations to the graduates---y'all made it! Thanks for letting me capture a few moments of your senior year!

Derek is such a laid-back, easy-going guy....he was great to photograph. His mom was my BFF since 3rd grade, and it's just the coolest thing to me that I got to do his senior pictures.
Derek is more Derek when he's wearing his I'm glad he brought it along.
He looks great, either way!

Here are a few of my favorites from his session
Congratulations, Derek!
Future's looking pretty bright for you!

Speaking of looking and pretty and bright...
Kenzie was at the shoot, and I couldn't help but add her to a few of the shots.
It was nice meeting you, Kenzie!

Guess What's Back?

Not terribly long ago I offered these handy little 5x5" spiral-bound proof books with my sessions. 

I miss them.
Images too often stay in digital form nowadays, and are all but lost in the cloud somewhere.
Even when some are's generally only a select few.
I want clients to be able to see the true color of their images--
to hold these images in their hands, and be able to flip through them without depending on their phone's battery. 

So I'm bringing these back for a limited time...

These are listed under my regular session pricing and I have updated two of the session packages to include the Bragbook:


These are only available for a short time, and the special pricing is only available for an even shorter time!
Contact me to schedule your session now: 

Senior Shout-Out: Jake

As the school year is wrapping up, I want to say a huge congratulations to the graduates---y'all made it!

It was great to finally meet Jake----I went to school (Beaverton) with both his parents, and then we all headed to Michigan Tech for college. Which is where Jake will be headed! Excellent choice, sir!
Jake is an awesome guy---super nice,  and as you can see he's pretty good-looking as well.

Congratulations on your graduation, Jake! 

Here are a few of my favorite images from his session
Have fun at MTU----hope you like snow!


95% of the pictures I shoot are of people. Maybe more. 
Here are some of the 5%

Senior Shout-Out: Austin

As the school year is wrapping up, I want to say a huge congratulations to the seniors---y'all made it!

I first met Austin when he was playing a lead role in the GAFT musical "Oliver!" He had so much enthusiasm when he was asking me about senior pictures, that before we even scheduled his session, I asked him about modeling for me for some my portfolio shoots...
I'm here to tell you---this guy is a natural.

Here are just a few of my favorites from his senior picture session:
The next two aren't technically part of his senior portraits--they're from a lighting test/concept shoot we did. 
However, since he's a very talented/skilled actor and singer, I'm absolutely including these as well:
He's going to be going places---I can tell.
And we'll all say, "Hey! I knew him!"

Thanks, Austin, for letting me capture a few moments of your final high school year.

Happily Ever After

I love this story----
At the end of December last year, Chrissy's husband Andrew contacted me:
".....I would like to surprise my wife for our anniversary with a photo shoot."
I replied that I was up north for a few days, but I'd get back to him once I got back home.
****I was loving this already****
Just as I was starting to write back to him, 
Chrissy messaged me about an idea for a photo shoot for their anniversary.


I played it cool, but they quickly realized they had both contacted me. Haha!
Which is fine, b/c then we could start the planning together!
For their anniversary, they are heading to Disney.
And they are both wonderfully talented, skilled, creative people with a love of costumes and details.
We did 5 different fairy tale couples.
The costumes and props and hair and makeup is ALL THEM.
Andrew sews amazingly well, Chrissy is a very talented hair & makeup artist.
And have I already mentioned they are creative and skilled??
The end result will be large prints in golden ornate frames for display in their gorgeous home.

Below are just a few of my favorite from our shoots:
Thank you, Chrissy and Andrew, for letting me photograph you in these amazing costumes!
I love the love between you two!
Happy Anniversary!!!
That's a wrap!