Speaking of Modeling...

I posted a model call for some ongoing projects I'm working on, and got a huge response (over 85 questionnaires were filled!). One thing I noticed as I was going through them, was that there were several moms reaching out for their daughters. Young girls with low self-image. Girls who are bullied. Girls who don't fit the fashion industry standards of beauty, and who are just beating themselves up about it. And we, as adults, know how beautiful they are and how much potential they have, but often it's hard for them to see that.

While I currently don't have any upcoming modeling projects at the moment that involve young teens/children, I truly have a heart for these girls....and their moms. I know what it's like, as a girl, to crave that special attention--to hear people say "wow!", to be fussed over, to be told they're beautiful (by someone other than mom/dad/grandma/etc), and to just have an hour or so of feeling amazing, and keeping that memory always. I also know what it's like, as a mom, to see your child struggle.

I would love to help you a little in this area.

If you would like to book a photo shoot for your daughter (ages 10-17), I will take 25% off the session fee.
I will treat her as though she were my model.....will even create a fancy fashion "dress" for her. We'll do some shooting in her choice of 2 of her own outfits, plus the third "dress" I create, I'll direct her through several poses, and I'll send her home with a little gift bag of fun stuff.
Interested? See the website for pricing details here, and take 25% off Option 1, 2, or 3: PRICING

You know what a little confidence boost can do for someone? It can do a whole lot.

ETA...if your girl already has found her confidence, and wants to have one of these model shoots simply because posing is fun, she's definitely welcome as well.

Keep in mind that I do not have a studio, but I do have ways of making the most of what I have.  That's what I do. :) Let's talk.

Email me:

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"Studio" Headshot

One of my favorite things to shoot is professional headshots and bringing my little "studio" to my clients.
I have portable equipment, and sometimes I simply improvise, but I truly love everything about it.
Kelly needed to update her professional profile as a financial advisor, and our goal was to meet the requirements listed as standard for her company. One of the requirements was a professional studio portrait with white background.
I brought the studio to her, and set up in her living room, using my diffuser as a backdrop, a reflector to my left, and my umbrella with off-camera flash to my right (not shown).
(That's a little train set table under my diffuser)
 Aww..... :)
We took several shots, tried a few different outfits, and within a week she was choosing her favorite shot to use. 
 It was one of my favorites as well. :)

When asked if she had any advice she'd give to her younger self if she could, Kelly said,
"If you don't like something you can't change, change the way you think about it."

It was great meeting and photographing Kelly---I feel like I walked away with a new friend. Sometimes I can't even believe that I get to do this....so thankful that I can!

Tae Kwon Do Couple

I've been itching to get back to doing more studio work again, specifically a little Mark Seliger-inspired shooting (for those who don't know....he photographs a lot celebrities...he has a beautiful clean classic style. If you think "Vanity Fair"....you're probably picturing his work). I reached out to my friends, and Maegan said she was willing to come pose for me. We set up a time when I'd set my "studio" up, and she and her hubby Daniel stopped by my house.

I love the story of how they met...
"Daniel and I met when I was 8 and he was 12. I went to a Tae Kwon Do test, and he was testing for his first black belt. I joined the class to be around him and he trained me to my first black belt. We became friends and talked every day until he finally asked me out!"

Now they've been married for 2 years, and are both rocking those black belts--and teaching Tae Kwon Do to others.

Here are some of my favorites from our shoot
Advice they'd give to other couples?
"Always be yourself, and don't underestimate the power of a good laugh!"
 Well said. Well lived.

These two are so fun together. I had a great time photographing them. 

I plan to do more of these types of shoots in the near future, so keep an eye out.

Keep It Real

I'm proud to say that I personally know this amazing lady--she's our next-door neighbor, and I love her beautiful soul, and her fun, spunky spirit! 
It's those qualities that propelled her to a career in clinical social work, and most recently, to open her own private practice in Midland: Keep It Real! Counseling   
Anne Marie stopped over for some headshots. I'm normally an on-location shooter, but I happily invited her over to my fancy in-home studio (aka, the spot by my kitchen window where my table usually sits). As much as I love love LOVE to shoot natural light indoors, we pretty much had zero light that day. It was dark and gloomy outside. 
Thankfully, Anne Marie is a whole lot of sunshine herself, and we were able to make it work with a little flash finagling---light was bounced, laughs were shared.
Advice she'd give to her younger self?
"Don't worry about what other people think of you! Do what YOU want to do with your life!
Be kind to yourself and others, always. Stand up for yourself!

She's encouraged & inspired me, and I was honored to take her portraits.
Isn't she simply fantastic??

Check out her website:

New Baby in the Home

I used to do in-home newborn photography. By "in-home", I mean I would pack my van full of blankets and props and backdrops and reflectors and a light and head to the client's house. Then I would unpack my blankets and props and backdrops and reflectors and light, shoot, then repeat that process.

And I loved it.

However, I'm not getting any younger, and that was a lot of haulin'. I also started studying headshots and portraiture for men and women, and my photography was definitely veering in that new direction. I had decided to stop shooting newborns. My fabulous photographer friend is amazing at wrapping, handling, and photographing the babies, so I've been referring people to her.

I've recently started falling in love with lifestyle photography, which captures the family in their natural habitat. I'm just dipping my toe in these types of shoots, but I look forward to doing a few more this year.

Thanks for having another gorgeous baby, W & A!

I'm Not Cold...Are You Guys Cold?

Actually, we were all pretty cold.

But everyone was absolutely amazing. We were out and back in, and then out again as quick as we could be.

And they knew how to bring it.

Family Is Everything

Sometimes the world gets really small, and it's kind of funny when it does.
A friend "tagged" in a Facebook post for someone seeking a photographer in the Wixom Lake area. This is my area, and I just had that Saturday open up, so I was happy to send along my information.
Turns out, they are just down the road from me. Turns out, also, that this is the family of my physical therapist, who I'd just been seeing for an injury issue. I think she's quite amazing, and she always spoke so highly of her family, so I was pretty excited about this.
I was not disappointed. Very wonderful, beautiful family. And the sweetest little 2-year-old.

Mom & Dad
....married 35 years and counting...

Y'all know this is a whole lot of encouragement & inspiration to the rest of us married couples, right? 

The original four...
And Everyone...
This amazing girl (the PT I mentioned above) and her great-looking guy
And this gorgeous family
I think we need a close-up of that little cutie.
I just want to squeeze those little cheeks! So sweet!

Meet the Stylist

When I do headshots, I sometimes offer hair and makeup services. This is the girl that makes it happen. Elizabeth Hompstead is not only very lovely and sweet, but extremely talented as well. We had a few minutes before a shoot, and I'm so glad I asked her to step in front of the camera.

50 Years...And Counting

I was asked to photograph this lovely couple for their 50th Anniversary.
We met at Dow Gardens and I had as much fun chatting with them as I did photographing them.
 I just loved these two!
 I also had the honor of photographing the two daughters (and their families) who had arranged the whole thing.

Fantastic families---I love the love!