Spotlight: Paige

Model: Paige Heath, College Student/Dreamer

A little about you:
I'm attending Oakland University for Musical Theatre. I love singing, acting, and modeling. And I own the cutest dog in the world.

Three Random Things About You:
1. I play the clarinet
2. I don't like burgers
3. Sweaters give me life

Favorite quote or phrase:
"Creepy caramel" -My boss

Someone who has had an impact on your life:
My parents. They're right behind me with everything I do. They believe in me with all of their hearts!

Advice you would give to your younger self:
Don't let fear get in the way of you doing things that you want. Go for it. You won't care what these people think in a few years. You got this.

This is actually the first time I saw Paige---she played the character Bet in the musical "Oliver!"
Paige had filled out my little modeling questionnaire when I was reaching out for volunteers, and it worked out that she was able to come for one of my first book cover shooting sessions. And she was fantastic. Also, she's one of the people that made me realize I really need to bring more actors into my shoots. They are great at taking direction, creative, tireless, and SO. MUCH. FUN.

Here are some of my favorite images of Paige:

Swag Bags

So you may have seen this...

But what I haven't shown yet are the fun little swag bags I'm giving to those who book.
 I have way too much fun putting these together.

I also have been giving these to my cover art models lately. 
Contents may vary slightly, but rest assured it's full of things I love.
(facial masks, ghirardelli chocolates, coffee something, button, etc)

Spotlight: Sara

Model: Sara Weidner, College Student

A little about Sara:
I'm attending a Bible School at the moment. I love anything outdoors--sunny or snowy.

Three Random Things About Sara:
1. My favorite color is yellow cuz it's like the sun.
2. My biggest hobby is rock-climbing.
3. I am the resident mother of my friend group.

Favorite quote or phrase:
"Preach the gospel to yourself over and over again until your heart sings."

Someone who has had an impact on your life:
My mom. She's taught me how to live life on purpose.

Advice you would give to your younger self:
Don't be afraid to lose yourself for Christ.

The first image below is actually one of her senior pictures from 2015. She had already modeled for a winter-themed shoot for me a few months prior, and we've done some shoots since. She is always SO AMAZING to photograph! Not to mention her plethora of great outfits!! I love her energy and her zeal and her loving heart. She is also an amazing young woman in her own right---this girl has so many skills--she welds, she travels the world, goes on all different kinds of adventures...and has styyyyylllle. 
Here are a few of my favorite from our most recent shoot:

For Book Lovers

Announcing special edition pop-up shoots with one-of-a-kind looks that I will create using different themes. These will each be available for a limited time before the look completely changes. And the best part? These looks will fit anyone! Since my photographs are taken from a very specific angle, I make my costumes clamp-able, cinch-able, and let-out-able....and you won't even be able to tell in the final images.

Saturday, February 23rd: This first one is for booklovers. I call this look "Anne with an E". :)
It's made out of upcycled thrift items (shower curtain, tablecloths), a hat I bought the day after Halloween, and a copy of the book "Anne of Green Gables". Yes---those ruffles are made out of pages!
I had both my niece and my sister model it for me. 
They're both awesome.
All you need is a top (although I have a few extra of those as well).

-fun fashion-styled shoot, with directed posing
-20% off any purchased prints and/or digitals
-gift bag of goodies
Please note: digitals and prints ARE NOT INCLUDED in the session fee, and must be purchased separately via a 1-week online shopping gallery.

As mentioned above, you provide the top--choose one that you feel pretty in!---and come with hair and makeup done and ready. Skinny jeans, leggings, or yoga pants recommended for wearing underneath.

Saturday, February 23rd.
LOCATION: 1000 E Carpenter St., Midland


Full session fee required in order to book.
Contact Sarah to reserve your session!

Spotlight: Chrissy

 Model: Chrissy McMillan, wife and mother

A little about Chrissy:
I met my husband in high school. We've been married for 15 years, and have three young boys.
I've been a cosmetologist for 15 years.

Three Random Things About Chrissy:
1. I have a pumpkin carriage in my yard.
2. I love antiques.
3. I am a princess at heart.

Favorite quote or phrase:
"A dream is a wish your heart makes"

Someone who has had an impact on her life:
My three amazing boys that have shown me that I can love more deeply than imaginable.

Advice you would give to your younger self:
Take care of your health and your body. Put down that candy bar!!!

A few of my favorite images from Chrissy's shoot. It's funny, because I had 100+ people sign up to be models for me (thank you, everyone!!!). I chose her on the basis that she was one of the very, very few who had put down "very long hair" on the hair-length question. I was amazed once I started chatting with her. She is a cosmetologist, loves dressing up, has gorgeous wigs, dresses, and accessories. This woman has a life-size pumpkin carriage and her own mermaid outfit! I thought I was dreaming! Yes, I was dying, and I loved it!
Thank you to my friend Joanne W for loaning me your tote full of fun clothing and costumes! You're the best!!!


2018 was such a fantastic year. I actually started last year with big plans of shooting more in-home newborn sessions, and had an extensive women's portraiture project written out. I keep my goals and ideas in my Audrey Hepburn notebook that my sweet friend Melissa Prout gave me after our "starlet challenge" shoot.
It's fun to look back at what I wrote down this time last year.
Things have gone in a different direction, and it's so much better than I imagined! I've met so many wonderful people, and I've been able to venture out a bit more with my work.
I am still doing primarily headshots and family portraiture this year. I now second-shoot weddings as well with Cheyenne Wehrwein. She is incredible, and we travel all over the state to serve wedding couples. Check out her website here: Weddings by Cheyenne

For newborn/baby photography I am always more than happy to refer new parents to Melissa (Prout Portrait Studio in Coleman). She has undergone training and education specifically for those baby pictures, is very experienced, and she is the best in the area. Check out her website here:  Prout Portrait

I've signed on with two publishing agencies last year with the intent of seeing my work on covers of books. I'm at the very beginning of this process, so I know I've got a lot of fun shoots in the near future.  ***SO EXCITED***

Momma and Baby Zebra. To my daughter, they are toys from Michael's.
To me, they are the beginning of a super cool series. Hold on to your hats. 

For those who don't know about Melissa and my Photo's that blog:
Photographer vs Photographer
And there are whispers about it picking up again....but you didn't hear it from me....

"Studio" Headshot

One of my favorite things to shoot is professional headshots and bringing my little "studio" to my clients.
I have portable equipment, and sometimes I simply improvise, but I truly love everything about it.
Kelly needed to update her professional profile as a financial advisor, and our goal was to meet the requirements listed as standard for her company. One of the requirements was a professional studio portrait with white background.
I brought the studio to her, and set up in her living room, using my diffuser as a backdrop, a reflector to my left, and my umbrella with off-camera flash to my right (not shown).
(That's a little train set table under my diffuser)
 Aww..... :)
We took several shots, tried a few different outfits, and within a week she was choosing her favorite shot to use. 
 It was one of my favorites as well. :)

When asked if she had any advice she'd give to her younger self if she could, Kelly said,
"If you don't like something you can't change, change the way you think about it."

It was great meeting and photographing Kelly---I feel like I walked away with a new friend. Sometimes I can't even believe that I get to do thankful that I can!

Tae Kwon Do Couple

I've been itching to get back to doing more studio work again, specifically a little Mark Seliger-inspired shooting (for those who don't know....he photographs a lot celebrities...he has a beautiful clean classic style. If you think "Vanity Fair"'re probably picturing his work). I reached out to my friends, and Maegan said she was willing to come pose for me. We set up a time when I'd set my "studio" up, and she and her hubby Daniel stopped by my house.

I love the story of how they met...
"Daniel and I met when I was 8 and he was 12. I went to a Tae Kwon Do test, and he was testing for his first black belt. I joined the class to be around him and he trained me to my first black belt. We became friends and talked every day until he finally asked me out!"

Now they've been married for 2 years, and are both rocking those black belts--and teaching Tae Kwon Do to others.

Here are some of my favorites from our shoot
Advice they'd give to other couples?
"Always be yourself, and don't underestimate the power of a good laugh!"
 Well said. Well lived.

These two are so fun together. I had a great time photographing them. 

I plan to do more of these types of shoots in the near future, so keep an eye out.